For almost 36 years, Inter Chauffeur Services has been providing vehicle drive back services, either with or without passengers.


Our skilled and experienced chauffeurs drive the vehicles, which are entrusted to us, with care and courtesy.





In addition to driving the vehicle in the safest and most comfortable conditions, our mission includes personalized care for families.

Concerning B2B services, we cater for professionals, private companies, assistance organisations, automobile clubs, community projects, to name a few. We also partner with firms that can then offer our services in response to their clients’requirements.



Throughout Europe and in the countries listed on the International Insurance Map (Green card countries)



Approximately 70 experienced drivers all recruited through a particularly severe selection process. They receive specialized training and are based around our 49 French operational sites, and also in Brussels.



Vehicles of the Al category weighing less than 3.5 metric tonnes : saloon cars, 4 x 4, company vehicles, collectors’ cars, commercial vehicles, rented vehicles, motor homes, caravans, trailers, vans, etc. 
New ! Vehicles over 3.5 metric tonnes of maximum permissible mass: motor homes which require drivers to have a Licence C.




We were the first company in this sector of activity to set up a Quality System. Inter Chauffeur Services was ISO 9002 certified in 1997.

The Quality Charter of Inter Chauffeur Services consists of:

  • A procedure for dealing with escorting requests which is designed to help the customer in his research for the best possible solution to the problem at hand

  • Dealing with these requests according to the customer’s instructions

  • Using an efficient and convivial organisational approach on the telephone

  • Working with flexible teams who can deal with all the customer’s different activities and tasks

  • Working with specialised teams whose experience, qualifications and motivation are indispensable to the perfect execution and provision of services

  • Set up of an internal management system which places the customer’s needs at the centre of all discussions

  • The development and application of a system of reference for driving developed by Inter Chauffeur Services


Expertise in the Prevention of Road Risks is a major consideration for Inter Chauffeur Services.

From the moment of their recruitment, all new chauffeurs learn our driving 'philosophy'. This step is applied daily by the application of the DRIVING REFERENCE characteristic of Inter Chauffeurs Services. Essentially based on anticipation and reflection, this results in a calm method of driving which is extremely reassuring for passengers.

The Planning team also contributes to the fulfilment of this objective by taking into consideration both the time and driving distance for each mission as well as the road conditions and all the security measures.



Inter Chauffeur Services only hires professional chauffeurs who have international experience. Our chauffeurs often speak several languages, are courteous and are highly professional.

After undergoing our specific tests, they receive internal training in our working practices and also a specialist road safety training course. Inter Chauffeur Services collaborates with eXpression 30 for the development of the road risks prevention plan. The chauffeurs are available during weekends and holiday periods and fit a specific profile.


Our dispatch center is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We manage the repatriation of all types of vehicles with a a GVM of less than 3.5 t (driving license B or EB): sedan, minivan, 4x4, executive vehicle, prestige vehicle, collectible vehicle, motor home, campervan (including with C driving license), towed vehicle (caravan, trailer), van, etc.







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